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Images of the mind

Images of the mind leave a lasting impact on our lives. Often they will revisit us in our thoughts and dreams because of things we have seen or things that were said to create these images in our minds.

There are pleasant ones that bring excitement, joy, and contentment, and some that bring pain that lasts forever. Some images are from things that are out of our control. Then there are others that we have control over.

Be choosey with the images that fill your mind. Those images you carry will stay with you for a long time.

Let your thoughts and dreams be of a happy life that will carry you over the bridges of sorrow.


Time is a valuable commodity. It slips always from us quickly, escapes us completely and leaves without notice, never to be regained again. Time is a very precious thing not to be taken lightly. It is meant to be appreciated, embraced, cherished and used wisely before it is gone.

Guard your time…Guard your life…
~Charlie Walker