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Sunrise begins a new day.

As the sun rises in the morning, so shall Christ’s love rise in you each day.
Be filled with the spirit through this day and be a blessing for all to see. Let His love renew your spirit with every new day.


Integrity is the act of doing what is right, what is moral, what is pure to the heart, and what is honest and true within one’s self.

Integrity is doing what is right when one is alone, with no one to see. Integrity builds the character that the world will see.


Desire is created in the mind, grown within the heart, and fueled by the soul. It drives us to chase our dreams, challenge our limits, expand our capabilities, and grow from within.
Desire can provide direction, paving the path to motivation, determination, a mental positive attitude, preserverance and the blessings of success.



Doubt is an enemy of the mind. It brings negative, skeptical, and suspicious thoughts, judgmental and evil ways filled with mistrust. It tears at every fiber of our being and can comsume us with ways of skepticism, unpleasantness, and grief. A vigilant mind filled with discernment,wisdom, and power; will yield a positive attitude, filled with love, and compassion.


Our shoulders are broad and we feel we can carry the weight of the world upon them. Yet in our darkest hour, in the midst of the storm, our knees crumble, and we discover our inner weakness. Our true strength comes when we surrender, trust, have faith, find comfort, and experience God’s peace.

Pleasures of life

The pleasures of life are around us and within us. They are not in what we own, other people, what we can do, our goals, and our accomplishments. They are found within the world around us, the sky, the wilderness, fields, lakes, ponds, and our space. They are found deep within our souls, our very being, our faith, and our trust in something far bigger than us. Peace comes from these pleasures and our fond memories in life. For some, it is faith in God, for others, it may be something else. Each person is born with inner peace inside their body. One can only find happiness from within; the rest is an added benefit of life


Release your cares and worries and find freedom from inside.
Everyone has things inside that are sheltered. Some are very complex and some are so simple, yet they are protected deep within their hearts and minds. People guard themselves and fear releasing their inner thoughts.
Releasing these things verbally to yourself or writing them down and then even throwing them away if need be, can help to release the inner you and find freedom in one’s soul.

Find your inner self and cleanse your mind and soul by releasing anxieties and worry.