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Never give up

Never give up is an easy term to say and use. It is thrown around all the time, but in all actuality, it can be an extremely hard thing to accomplish.
It takes determination, a strong mindset, will power, and courage to see it through. Finding that reason and desire deep inside you to want to overcome any and all obstacles.
For some it is faith, for others it may be another driving force or circumstance that yields the desire.
You have two choices to decide from:
A desire to never give up, overcome everything, and be an example for many to follow, or a desire to quit, never try and fail from fear or lack of effort.

Never give up

Psalm 18:33 KJV
He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, And setteth me upon my high places.


Unity is the essence of life. It is the tie that binds all things and people together as one.
Unity breaks all barriers, removes “I” and builds a team of oneness, creating a positive mental and spiritual outlook that is filled with love.


Psalms 133:1 NIV
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Sunrise begins a new day.

As the sun rises in the morning, so shall Christ’s love rise in you each day.
Be filled with the spirit through this day and be a blessing for all to see. Let His love renew your spirit with every new day.


Integrity is the act of doing what is right, what is moral, what is pure to the heart, and what is honest and true within one’s self.

Integrity is doing what is right when one is alone, with no one to see. Integrity builds the character that the world will see.


Desire is created in the mind, grown within the heart, and fueled by the soul. It drives us to chase our dreams, challenge our limits, expand our capabilities, and grow from within.
Desire can provide direction, paving the path to motivation, determination, a mental positive attitude, preserverance and the blessings of success.


A servants heart

Serving others with a helping hand, humility, love and compassion is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to one another. The blessings poured out to all those we meet and help, yield to an eternity of happiness, peace and comfort in their lives.

A servants heart


Doubt is an enemy of the mind. It brings negative, skeptical, and suspicious thoughts, judgmental and evil ways filled with mistrust. It tears at every fiber of our being and can comsume us with ways of skepticism, unpleasantness, and grief. A vigilant mind filled with discernment,wisdom, and power; will yield a positive attitude, filled with love, and compassion.


Our shoulders are broad and we feel we can carry the weight of the world upon them. Yet in our darkest hour, in the midst of the storm, our knees crumble, and we discover our inner weakness. Our true strength comes when we surrender, trust, have faith, find comfort, and experience God’s peace.

Healing and comfort

Comfort comes when the healing begins.

There are many types of healing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, the daily trials of life, emotional setbacks, unpleasant memories of the past and present, burdens and loads placed upon us, and losses and tragedies of loved ones. In these unstable times, it is important to recognize that we need to surrender and ask for help, by seeking comfort and peace from another source and from deep inside of us. Dealing with unpleasant tragedies and early losses helps us to overcome the ones that will come later. How we handle finding peace and comfort through it all, is what will allow us to heal. Seeking professional or spiritual help to find peace and comfort in a difficult time will allow the healing to begin. Trusting in your faith, your beliefs, and your inner soul will bring comfort to a weary heart and brokenness inside.

Pleasures of life

The pleasures of life are around us and within us. They are not in what we own, other people, what we can do, our goals, and our accomplishments. They are found within the world around us, the sky, the wilderness, fields, lakes, ponds, and our space. They are found deep within our souls, our very being, our faith, and our trust in something far bigger than us. Peace comes from these pleasures and our fond memories in life. For some, it is faith in God, for others, it may be something else. Each person is born with inner peace inside their body. One can only find happiness from within; the rest is an added benefit of life