Monthly Archives: February 2022

Prayer for all

I lift our world to you in prayer this morning.
I pray that more will come to know you and your love.
I pray that we all become more Christ like in attitude and love.
I pray for the end of racism across the board.
I pray for insinsitive comments against all people, not just groups.
I pray for an end to all discrimination and discrimination in the work force from the bottom to the White house.
I pray for an end to violence and hate against each other.
I pray for peace and unity in everyone in our world.
Lord, I pray for a great physical and emotional healing across our lands.
May the Holy Spirit fill our souls and blood of Jesus cleanse our sins, and the power of the Lord be upon us.
I claim this in your name Abba Father.

In Honor of Many

In Honor of Many: Let’s Celebrate

I want to take a moment to lift and pray for everyone in the world. To celebrate all nationalities, all lives, all cultures, gender, and beliefs. There is so much history in everyone that there are not enough months, weeks, or days in the year to celebrate them all and assign time to them. The history in our lives dates back to the beginning with uncertainties, pain, hardships, struggles, and victories. Displaced families, lost loved ones, decisions made from fear, hope, and faith of all kinds stretched beyond belief. The very things that make up our history, also make up our very being in life to this day. Give your love and support for one another daily and fill our hearts and souls with unity and kindness.

As you begin to celebrate Black History Month, remember everyone and the history behind all nationalities so that it may enrich your life and the lives of many.